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Community Outreach 

Tutoring Services


Qualified tutors provide targeted instruction to enhance students overall academic performance in the areas where they need support the most. Our goal is to raise the profile of students and broaden their skills set which will pave the way to the attainment of higher Education.  



Performing Arts​


Through our Arts program we provide a safe space for creative expressions which often times go unnoticed. Every child has untapped talents, skills and abilities that even they don't know they have. The goal of the arts program is to find that switch that helps them discover how much more talented and valuable they are then they realize. 


Programs include music,  dance, theater, filming, editing and  more.

Community Response 

Here at New Season Children & Families, we respond to needs when it arises. We are community leaders in organizing charity.



We work to instill self-esteem, 

social competence, positive academic achievement and avoidance of high-risk behavior by providing a safe place to learn and grow while gaining positive relationships, exposure to career exploration and skill sets through music, instruments, and related activities.  

Life Skills


Young men and women will learn practical skills​​ to increase their self confidence and develop leadership skills which will enable them to become independent contributors to their respective communities and beyond. 

Related Information & Services

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  • Health Education

  • Advocacy/ Disability Related Services

  • Citizenship Assistance

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