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Choosing a child, can change the trajectory of their lives — and yours.

Your $60 monthly gift shows God’s love to a vulnerable child and their community, helping the poor get the tools to overcome threats like poverty and child hunger in the world, for good.

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How child sponsorship works

Local Participation: Our Kenyan staff connect with local leaders and parents to determine the unique situation that qualifies the child to be accepted at our New Season Orphanage. Our goal is to equip these Children with the tools and knowledge they require to build better futures for themselves.


Sponsor:  These vulnerable children residing at the orphanage can be selected by a sponsor. This is a powerful way to share God's love and love for humanity.


Your Gift: Your monthly sponsorship gift is combined with other donations to invest in locally tailored solutions — ensuring the essentials for your sponsored child, and other vulnerable kids.

Celebrate Success: Your love, prayers, letters, and donations result in real, lasting change for your sponsored child, their family, and their community.

Did you know?

You can visit your sponsored child! If you want to meet your child in person, we’d love to help arrange a visit if you are in Kenya or travel with our team when we Visit.


954 533 8187

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